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Social Media Components

Social media have played an important role in marketing and promoting businesses throughout the world through websites namely: Facebook, blogs, YouTube and twitter etc. These social media websites provide an opportunity to connect and to communicate with customers all over the world on a personalized level.

Social media marketing therefore is the process of advertising the businesses, gaining website attention or traffic through social media websites. Social media marketing strategies are programs that create content and encourage readers to spread it through their own social networks.

Components of Social Media

  • Monitoring

Monitoring in social media involves tracking and finding the conversations that are occurring or have occurred in social media or online about your business. This creates attention to business, which has no intention to pursue social media marketing strategy to monitor what their potential consumers or customers are commenting about them.

The monitoring process enables the business to know what is being said about them either positive or, what is more important, negative about the business. Often the businesses take bad news positively and react by trying to adjust to the demand, taste, and preferences of the customers in order to meet their needs (Mergel, 2012).

Businessmen monitor social media conversations and take into consideration all the remarks before they begin to react. They have to figure out the most significant influencers in their markets and monitor those conversations; this will help the business to develop new product or service.

  • Engagement

Engagement occurs when the business managers decide to play a crucial role in social media by engaging with influencers or the potential customers in various forums resided by them in order to gather information. The aim of such a penetration is to impact the participants so that they have positive attitude or impression on the business products and services. There is a need for business marketers to monitor social media carefully and assign experts to deal with the issues raised. This will, therefore, increase the image of the firm and give the consumers a full confidence about the product or service offered by the business. For this to be successful the social media marketer experts should respond to complaints raised by the customers, they should link the customers to more information and became a regular contributor of the website (Håkansson, 1995).

  • Management

Managing involves the business to take a huge and active role in the creation of conversations about the business. For example, corporate blogs can help the business to break their traditional way of controlling conversations and squash criticism. A corporate blog can help the business in improving awareness and perception.

  • Integrate

Social media need to be more integrated into a business traditional marketing style like sponsoring the events, conferences, programs, and websites.

  • Dispute Resolution

In an attempt to limit or manage litigation costs many businesses have looked for an alternative dispute resolution mechanism in order to avoid court process. The commonly used methods to resettle the disputes are arbitration and mediation.

  • Arbitration

Arbitration is the alternative dispute resolution of disputes outside the court. Frequently it’s employed in employment and consumer matters. Moreover, arbitration can be mandatory or voluntary. In a Texas arbitration, proceeding can be either the Texas Arbitration Act (TAA) or Federal Arbitration Act will be governing law. The TAA only can be applied if the disputes relate to a contract which involves foreign or interstate transaction.

For both the Federal Arbitration Act and the Texas Arbitration Act, strictly arbitration is an issue of contract between the parties disputing, and the parties to the arbitration agreement have a right to deside on the terms and conditions under which arbitrate will take place. A party looking to compel arbitration should establish the availability of arbitration agreements and show that the dispute is within the scope of the agreement.

  • Medication

Mediation is intended to give the parties an opportunity to exploit and discuss the possibility of resolving their dispute by coming to an agreement. The mediator will require to be given a short explanation from both parties involved in the dispute in order to set forth the respective positions. The process of mediation starts and the plaintiff makes presentation which is followed by defendant’s presentation. After the question and answer session the mediator then employs shuttle diplomacy by discussing the weakness and the strength of each party’s position. Consequently after the entire process, the mediator settles on the concrete evidence, gives the favorable verdict and all the parties involved come to an agreement.

Federal government can regulate social media through developer adhering to country rules and regulation on communication. The social media owners will also adhere to state laws to ensure that the consumer is not affected through false information. The federal government can also set communication agencies which will monitor the conversation in the social media detecting the cases of spreading the false information, incitement, planned attacks, spreading hate speech between individual. In addition, the federal government can impose levy on the business transactions online which will be paid by business entities (Mugar, 2012).

Branches of the government

The three branches of government include legislature, executive and judicial.

  • Legislature

Legislature Branch consists of two houses of Congress that is the Senate and the House Representatives. The purpose of this structures’ work is to make laws, that is, laws are written, discussed and passed by voting. The laws concerning social media are made at this branch and it’s not mandated to impose them.

The Constitution grants the congressional superior powers to levy and collect taxes, punish for counterfeiting, create federal courts etc. This fact is important to social media since the legislative branch is granted the power to make, discuss and pass law in the state. This branch is therefore the most efficient to regulate social media.

  • Executive

This branch is headed by the President of the country which is mandated to make laws made from the legislature’s official. The President approves the laws passed by the legislature power and he or she is not mandated to enforce them but is only mandated to approve them.

  • Judiciary

The judiciary branch oversees the court system of the state and explains the laws passed by the congress and interpreters the constitution of the land. Only this branch is mandated to interpreter laws to social media and does not have powers to change them.

Agency Relationship Existing Between Social Media Provider And Business

The growth of the social media and technological development has made some innovative forms business interaction possible; this is due to distinction of strong and weak ties on the business. Also the willingness to share information worldwide has helped the businesses to acquire new and efficient equipment to increase productivity. Furthermore, social media has helped the businesses to increase their sales through communicating and gathering information from customers from many parts of the world. Social media provider has also helped the business to keep their performance, literature and even business directories. The development of e-commerce by the business will enable the latter to create and expand strong associations with their customers and other social media participants, besides, skills and knowledge can be gained on the plans to develop and maintain the brand loyalty to its potential customers.

Employers of the business have also helped to create the image of the business since most of them belong to many social media webs hence sharing information to another individual or interested party.


Social media is necessary for a business since it helps in spreading information from one person worldwide. Through this the firms have greatly marketed themselves and increased profit since the negative and positive responses they get encourage them to develop or maintain the loyalty of the customers.


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